Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dog Growl, 1

Isn't it awful when no one recognizes your creative brilliance?
Here, for instance, is my first attempt at Latin versification, and then a translation into rhyming couplets:

non deest spina rosis, ovibusque minacia crescunt
cornua lanigeris: teneris sunt omnibus arma.
pulchrior ecce rosis adulescens, mollior agno,
formae me stimulis pungit, lentusque relinquit.

All roses have their thorn, each woolly sheep
His threat'ning horns, such arms as ever keep
Away all those desirous to enjoy
Some tenderness. Behold, the tender boy,
Much lovelier than rose, than lamb more soft,
Withdraws his bloom, my longing touch casts off,
And leaves me all alone to feel the pain:
His beauty's sting, the goads of his disdain.

Where are my laurels?

(Subsequent posts will involve teen vampires and poems with lewd double entendres.)

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