Friday, August 7, 2009

Literary J. Crew

I like J. Crew models. I feel that they are carefully chosen to flatter me (I too am attractive, I think to myself, and still fairly young) without alienating me (well, I'm not as young as that).

This blog post has pictures of my three favorite J. Crew models, though not one is shown to his best advantage (Mr. Bespectacled looks spectacularly winsome when he has a trendier outfit).

The model featured in the latest men's catalogue is posed as a writer: pens, papers, typewriter (a laptop wouldn't look literary enough); he holds "vintage" books and stares at them soulfully. He is appropriately high-browed--and getting higher (the hairline has retreated noticeably since the last catalogue in which he was featured). I wonder what his name is? I'll have to find out before he, his hair, and his career recede from view.

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