Monday, September 28, 2009


I created a Twitter account. And in four days I deleted it. Twittercide. RIP Twitterme!

Day 1: The optimism of youth. It's like I can follow Tom Lenk around! And there are so many people tweeting all the time!

Day 2: Ambition. Maybe Tom Lenk will reply to my tweet if it's clever. There's a cute flutist who also likes Tom Lenk! I asked him about the piece he was practicing; now I want him to write to me.

Day 3: Disillusionment. If no one's following me, I'm basically talking to myself. Ok, it's not surprising that Tom Lenk didn't reply. The flutist has a lot of Twitterfriends.

Day 4: Clarity. So I suppose Tom Lenk and I are not going to strike up an unlikely but lively Twitterbanter and then have a meet-cute in Times Square. And I don't even play the flute anymore. This is kind of like subjecting myself to a party where there's no one to talk to. Why am I here again?

Bonus misreading: One person tweeted to an under-the-weather Tom Lenk, "Oh my god, get better!" Took me a bit to realize she wasn't commenting on the quality of his performances.

Bonus pun: Name for a Tom Lenk social network: Lenked In. Follow that link (lenk?)--I've made it into a new blog.

Bonus vow: I'm moving on. The show he's in doesn't really interest me, and it's kind of pathetic of me to hang out on Twitter.

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