Monday, October 12, 2009

Mondegreens, 3

Could it be that, for once in my life, I've happened upon something trendy before the entire rest of the world did? Because ApSci is a cool group, and this video is awesome, and the album it's from just came out, and the group doesn't have all that many followers on Twitter.

Before I figured out that the lyrics to "Crazy Crazy Insane" were in the info box to the right of the YouTube video, I had a misheard lyric that's not particularly funny or outrageous, but is distinguished by its seeming coherence. Because there's a man and woman in the video, and it sounded like he said:
It's something that I've raised her for
Creepy! The actual words are a lot of fun:
6 syllables, 2 words, fill 'em in,
Rhymes with Snakes on a Plane.
It's something that I reserve for
Those disturbed but won't own up to it.

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