Thursday, October 8, 2009


Are you special?

Oh, go on, give yourself some credit! Have you checked for lions in the back of your wardrobe lately? Maybe your acceptance letter to Hogwarts just hasn't arrived yet.

Yes, that does seem a bit old for Hogwarts. But any day now the Fairy Prince may arrive to tell you that upon your XXth birthday it'll be time for you to inherit the Fairy Kingdom and his fairy hand in marriage. Or a tall, dark, pale stranger will sweep you off your feet into a world of undead adventure and intrigue.

Hmm...I didn't like to mention that myself. You might try altering your diet, or going to the gym. Could be that you don't have the build or the blood-type to be anyone's immortal beloved.

There there, all is not lost. Nuclear war could break out tomorrow, and it could be up to you to save humanity! Heck, you might even be humanity at that point. Or maybe there'll be a plague, and you'll be one of the few with natural immunity. Keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. you amuse me so much. i like you. can i have your phone number?